Steinberg Interfaces vs. RME and UAD?

Hi there!

So my mixing studio says there are still major differences in the “Wandler” (transition from analog to digital) from STeinberg to RME or UAD interfaces.
I have the UR-44 and I love the setup, but apparently there are big differences. What you think?
Why does Steinberg not release a 1-2k € premium interface with fantastic drivers? like everyone loves the RME drivers?
so i might buy this RME as replacement for my UR-44 → will I hear the difference? well I gotta check for myself of course.
What you think?

I dont like UAD too much, because I use a analog Neve preamp and EQ and for guitar I have a Kemper, so I dont need all this “apple” plugin world:)

So how are the Steinberg interfaces? Top notch or just medium quality?


Other sources of noise/imperfections of all sorts (esp. mics, room) are orders of magnitude worst than the difference between a UR-C and an RME.
If the workflow works for you (right inputs and outputs for ex.) than do not change your setup and waste your money.
But if you are one who is convinced your gear will never sound right until you have gold-plated USB cables, than yes, you won’t find inner peace until you spent over 1000Euros on your interface… :wink:

Think of Steinberg as a Mercedes… some people need a Bentley…

Having used both Steinberg and RME for many years, I would say that this is a classic case of you actually getting what you pay for (perhaps excluding the AXR4, have not had the inclination to try that one).