Steinberg is out of business for me

I got excited when I saw the recent discounts and I purchased WaveLab immediately, but 10 minutes later I started to regret it… I can install in only on 1 PC or use a dongle.

Steinberg, you are out of business with me unless you change your XX century copy protection paranoid policy.

All other music software that I have can be installed on 2 machines without any fuss. Who doesn’t have 2 computers these days? Laptop to work on the go, powerful machine in the studio? Ok, there is the option to use a dongle, but c’mon, a dongle in my laptop? It doesn’t even have USB port, only USB C, so I would need to have a dongle with a dongle sticking out of my laptop. No, thank you.

Only Waves is in the same boat with Steinberg, and one needs to pay software maintenance yearly to be able to use in on two PCs. Both companies seem to function in the eighties of last century…

Fortunately, there are excellent alternatives out there, if you become a bottleneck in my workflow, you won’t be part of the workflow.

Bye Steinberg! No more purchases form me!

Perhaps we can merge with one of the other “I don’t like dongles” threads?

You can I only be working on one computer at a time and with a dongle you can install and use on as many as you want. So restriction is actually less as long as you take your dongle with you. I personally like it as all my other programs with authorisations are a real pain after a rebuild. It took my weeks to get all my plugins working. Cubase and wavelab were just installs and stick the dongle in. Easy

yea, I reformat my computer a lot, so the dongle and iLok saves me a shit tone of time, manual authorizations suck.