Steinberg Just dropped Cubase 13 Quietly?

Got it. That range tool in the Key editor and multiple parts editing was making eyes at me and I couldn’t help it.


Smooth process buying the Pro 13 update, well done Steinberg/Fastspring! :clap:


that was the most painless Steinberg buying experience.
I got the update from 12pro to 13 pro. only £85.


I done paypal and there was an option to do 3x payments of £28 each.
Bit of a no brainer when I saw that, esp with Christmas round the corner! As others, smooth transaction.

Downloading and look forward to trying it out later tonight!

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Very simple process - up and running with existing project in C13 with all C12 preferences intact.
Now to go exploring :slight_smile:

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Where exactly am I supposed to buy the upgrade from Pro 12 to Pro 13? I downloaded and installed everything, but I get no License found and that’s it. No link to the shop(where is it now?) or what have you.

Bonus bargain, that works out £1 cheaper than ‘normal’ shop price.

It all adds up… :money_mouth_face: :rofl:

Well, it’s £28.33 or something, I was just acting cool by rounding it down. :wink:

O. It suddenly appeared just now.

Now it starts but it has been scanning VST3 plugins for 10 minutes or so.

Same here

force quit Cubase and restart it, then it works.

It put up a couple of modal dialog boxes behind other windows warning of some old stuff that is no longer compatible. Not a big deal. I have 1200 plug-ins, so I guess a scan of 10 minutes is reasonable.

Sjees. The GUI is even darker… Don’t like this at all.
But it plays the Iconica Sketch demo with near zero CPU. That’s nice.

How do I change the mixer channels black backgrounds?

Have you checked the color settings in the prefs? There you can usually change the entire color scheme.

I can choose my carefully edited light GUI, but this only changes a couple of things, not the ‘body’ of the faders for example. In fact, it hardly does anything at all.
I totally fail to understand why everything gets darker and darker with each new version.

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The speed of mediabay is insaine now. The loadtimes on many of my projects have greatly improved…
Im guessing the folks @ Steinberg have been muching nootropics :sunglasses: