Steinberg key broken

Hi everyone

I broke my Steinberg key in half after a accident , anyways not knowing what I know now , I threw it in the bin and ordered a new one , when it arrived I tried to install my activation codes for vsl and anyways after a lot of headaches they want me to buy the products I have already paid for .

Can someone here please just give me any advice with any possible means of cancelling the existing activation codes on the broken key which is now buried at the local tip , and then Steinberg sending that cancel information to vsl so they can give me new ones without me having to pay .

If what I have been told is true , though I know to keep the key next time if it ever brakes again , I can’t believe there is no support in place for lost , stolen or broken keys , I mean surely they can’t expect people to buy something twice if unforeseen circumstances arise that is clearly and easily could be fixed by elicencer/Steinberg. I mean what am I missing here ? They can issue licence codes but can’t cancel them ? That’s impossible , what some people like to use there keys without a Internet connection , well who in the world these days doesn’t have a internet connection and if they don’t why should this not become mandatory for elicencer products , or is it ok so long as the software makers money are protected but not the people that buy it from them .

This is ridiculous , the amount of times this is happened to people I can only imagine , and the response is if it’s broken keep the key ! Or if it’s lost or stolen , bad luck !

Well I would appreciate anything any advice anyone can offer ,because as I see it I have to re purchase the program’s again and then buy a safe so when I leave my home I will need to put it in a safe , in case someone breaks in and if it ever breaks again I will have to send it back to them via a private security firm .

On the elicencer app up the top it should have a flashing sign that can be disabled that states - IF YOUR KEY IS LOST OR STOLEN YOU WILL HAVE YO PAY FOR YOUR PRODUCTS AGAIN -IF IT BREAKS YOU WILL NEED TO KEEP UT TO SEND BACK TO THE SOFTWARE MANUFACTURES . Then once it’s disabled obviously it is clearly sunken into the persons brain .

What a joke

Thanks in advance

Hi everyone , I do want to add after a conversation with steinberg on the phone it seems that steinberg customers are clearly protected against all of this if they register there USB dongle beforehand . WELL DONE STEINBERG

WHAT ASHAME VSL Vienna Symphonic Libary which by the way cost a lot of money to purchase everything and I believe for what I have used so far that the costs are well worth the products , why can’t they add zero down time and proper warning signs in the my vsl down loads page , anyways I have stated this in the forums there and to there support directly but there attitude is that they can’t verify anything I’m saying and there is no means in place to prove that the key is broken and the activation codes are on a particular key and why?

Why when you need a internet connection to register activation codes for the first time can’t the elicencer program record this and all licences transfers why can’t it record them too , just record the serial number and activation codes on it at steinberg, or send it to the corresponding software providers so they can be informed for the protection of there customers ? It’s that simple !

Anyway any suggestions with this is appreciated I hope over at vsl that they hear my suggestions and do something because there attitude is rubbing off on me a little bit and I’m starting to think they like the way it is for $ purposes .