steinberg library manager cannot register the following sounds

hello i just got dorico and I cant get playback and when i try to reinstall the sound libary i get this message “steinberg library manager cannot register the following sounds

please help me

Welcome to the forum, Tacocat. (Crispy, yet furry.)

Can you try re-downloading the installer and running it again?

i have tried to delete and reinstall the sounds installer. but it didnt work ill try again just to be sure tho

no it still didnt work

OK, bear with me: I’ll need to seek some further advice from colleagues in Hamburg.

ok take your time I can wait

Hi Tacocat,

Could you please check, whether the latest version of the Steinberg Library Manager is installed?

Please also make sure, that you are logged in as admin.

yep the latest version is installed still didnt work got the same error

Ok, how about administrative rights?

yes I do run in admin mode, is it possible to get dorico on 2 PC’s ill see if it works on my other machine.

sorry for the late response it was late at night

You can certainly install Drico on another machine but if you’re using the Soft-eLicenser you can’t move your activation from one computer to another unless you want to move your license to a USB-eLicenser.

However, you could at least try running the sounds installer and then running Steinberg Library Manager to see if you get the same error on your other computer. I strongly suspect that you won’t, and we just need to figure out what the problem is on your main computer.

Hi Tacocat,

Could you please submit a support ticket via MySteinberg?

Many thanks.

i dont live in the US if i do that I have to get support from the local supplier

Hi Tacocat,

What Operating System are you on?
Which path are you using, to install the Sound Content of Dorico to?
Are you using Antivirus Software and does it help to deactivate it?

windows 10, and you can see where the files are in the screenshot i have now sent. my anti virus i dont think would be the problem

That shows that you have downloaded the installers, but not where you chose to install the sounds when you ran the installer.

oh ok how would i show that

Try running the sounds installer again, and pay close attention to the paths that it shows you before it actually starts copying files into the chosen destination location.

is this what you mean

Yes, double-click that installer shown there, the one with the red Steinberg logo icon.