steinberg library manager cannot register the following sounds

when i did i got the same error as before

it tried to install it but came up with an error

oh wait i got this new window

Right, most the sounds now look to be installed. You’re still missing the HALion Sonic SE Factory Content. Try running that sounds installer one more time.

i get the same error and when i close the error the same new window pops up. nothing changed

and the library is initializing but i dont think its making any progress the loading bar is not moving

hello you still there?

Those files in your original screenshot do not appear to be installed by Dorico - at least I cannot find similar files on my system. They must have been installed by some other Steinberg app. Perhaps the files were deleted in the past without the library being properly uninstalled?

how would i fix that

From the file names, “Eagle” and “Raven” are two piano patches that come with the full version of Halion, but they are not in the sounds bundled with Dorico.

I’m guessing that Tacocat has somehow downloaded and tried to install the wrong file(s), some of which are not included in the Dorico license, but I don’t know enough about the full Steinberg product range to suggest how to clean up the mess.