Steinberg Library Manager - *vst could not be opened

For the past few months Dorico has been loading with problems being flagged up in the Library Manager. I’ve put the samples on a different hard drive. I use Note Performer most of the time so I’ve shrugged it off - it’s just annoying.

It happened again today while loading up Dorico 5. If anyone else is getting the same issues, I found a temporary fix on Steinberg’s Support Page.

Have you checked the file permissions?

I’m certain the error message you’re seeing is telling you something real, i.e. that the file permissions on those files are set incorrectly.

Thanks Ben and Daniel.

I’m sure the message was real and if I’d wanted to use the files I would have run into problems. I applied the fix and everything now seems to be fine - I’ve loaded up a couple of instruments in Halion and they work. FWIW I’m interested at taking a look at Groove Agent.

I’d previous tried to reset the directories using the Library Manager but that approach didn’t work.

I posted it here as a fix just in case anyone else has the same issue.