Steinberg Library Manager : “wrong version (-1. -1). Failed to establish privileged helper"

Mac M1. Big Sur 11.6.1
Cubase Pro 11. Wavelab Elements 10.

Tried to add this LoFi Piano to the library. And getting the
" wrong version (-1. -1). Failed to establish privileged helper! Please get the latest Steinberg Library Manager and reinstall”.

Based on other threads discussing this problem (on older OS’s), have tried installing latest AND older versions of the Library Manager. Even deleted ALL Steinberg products and reinstalled. But still get this warning with every one.
Including 3.0.23 .

SIP is enabled.

And during the (re)installation of Cubase this message would pop up again (about 20 times). Luckily, Cubase DID install (eventually). However, it is not possible to install/register ANY sounds/libraries. So Halion and Groove Agent are empty and thus pointless.

Steinberg has full disk access and permissions.

Have also tried Cubase 10.5 which installs Library Manager 3.0.27 but even during that install the message pops up asking to input password for every little thing followed by the same warning “wrong version…” etc etc.

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Seriously? Someone must know something. I’m surely not the only one.
Plenty of posts about this problem, with seemingly no concrete nor definitive solution?

Same Setup: M1 Big Sur 11.6.5, Dorico Elements, exactly the same error during installation

Same here too

[Steinberg Library Manager : “wrong version (-1. -1). Failed to establish privileged helper”]

I installed the latest version available on the steinberg site. How do I fix this on my Mac?