Steinberg Licencing: Dorico SE

I would like to install SE on 2-3 machines, that way, I could still be able to open/print file at more than one place in case I forget the USB dongle.
It seems that it’s not possible.
I really don’t want to create aliases account to get multiple SE licences. (I don’t even know if this would work)
As an owner of many steinberg licenses (Spectral Layers Pro6, Cubase 10 Pro, Dorico 3 Pro, Wavelab 10, Halion 6…), I appreciate the possibility to use my valuable softs on any computer without any limitation, but I can’t see why there’s such a limitation if I want to use Soft-eLicenser with Dorico SE
Or am I missing something?

If you try to open Dorico on a computer and the USB licenser isn’t detected, won’t it simply open as SE?

No, it still needs a valid Licence. Once the code has been activated on a soft-eLicenser (i.e. specific machine), it cannot work on another computer

You can get as many SE licenses as you wish. Ask and ye shall receive.

Do you know if there’s another way than opening a ticket to get another license?
I would get a few as I have some spare sticks that could also be used as spare. Working on many places with many machines brings some risk of forgetting the dongle at the worst time…

Basically, Steinberg seems to issue only a license to Dorico SE user.
However, you can reactivate it using soft eLicenser.
The steps to install Dorico SE on several machines:

  1. Launch eLicenser
  2. Register the eLicenser by selecting
'Register at Steinberg'
from 'xxxxxxxxxx - xxxxxxxxxx (Soft-eLicenser)'
under 'Registration' menu
  1. Reactivate Dorico SE on the second machine in the MySteinberg on the Steinberg webpage.
  2. Please repeat the steps from 1 to 3 on the third machine.

Many thanks!
That did it :slight_smile: