Steinberg license key 64 bit issues?

I am about to upgrade my Windows 7, 32-bit o/s, to Win 7 64-bit; are there any known issues to consider with regards to the License-dongle and its drivers?

Why don’t you go to that site and look for yourself? :confused:

Why not indeed… well no… actually:-
If the words “64bit”, “Win7”, “upgrade from 32 bit” etc, etc, etc were not deemed too well used to be worth even showing an answer of any sort (by this sites - so called - search facility) I may have stumbled upon it before I had to go to the trouble of writing a new post.

First you’re at the wrong site to research eLCC issues, that’s why I refered to “that site”. Second, Google advanced search is how to search this site.

After reading some of the other posting littered in here with your attempts at helping(?); I am led to the conclusion that your talents are misplaced in a forum like this… which is here surely to provide help. In the past this was given by gifted members, sharing their hard earned experience with us lesser mortals.

You would appear to be more suited to a job perhaps in the armed forces, where explaining to people - also gifted with over-aggressive tendencies - the righteousness of your case, would be an asset… instead of a pain in the arse.

Please, if you feel the need to help again… don’t!

Another crybaby demanding spoonfeeding. :unamused:

Told you the best place to look to find an answer to your question and the best way to search this forum but because I don’t give you my tit to suck you cry like a stuck pig. Grow up, little one. :astonished:


Yer Mom do you make music?
Would like to hear stuff from you.

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Greetz Bassbase

Posted my tunes on both this and the old forum.

Read this and then listen to my tunes to get some perspective into how much I practice the self help method I preach.

After that feel free to listen to as many as you’d like. :wink:

Oh, and notice how my MIDI is in sync with the audio. :mrgreen:

I would say as long as you do a clean install on a formatted HD you will have no probs at all.
Yer Mom III seems to specialise in snyde posts. Seen some others :unamused:
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I know what i have posted and i know that my skills are still not really great but i asked for music from you.

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And I posted it. :confused:

Last OT

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Yes musical nothing to say to not my genre but sounds quite nice.


Can’t judge a book by its cover. Don’t let the good looks fool you. :wink:

Thanks for listening to the tunes. :sunglasses:

No, just install the latest eLicense software on your W7-64. The dongle just contains the licenses and nothing there changes.

Well the forum has not gone completely to pot… one or two of you seem to be able to embrace the idea of giving genuine help (and apparently without the hangup of feeling used whilst doing so) most useful it was too, thank you. :smiley: