Steinberg license server down?

Can anybody confirm availability of the Steinberg license server right now? I’m trying to license my Cubase 9.5 Pro but constantly get an error message telling me “A connection to the license server could not be established”

Thanks for your input,


ok, it finally worked out - seemed to go hand in hand with a login problem to MySteinberg which ended in a Typo3 error. Both licensing and login to MySteinberg seem to be up again. :slight_smile:


some brief connection problems in the early morning. Should work fine now, sorry for the inconvenience.

I think it’s still down, I can’t logon to or activate my new cubase 10 :frowning:

Same here, can’t log in to My Steinberg or activate CB 10 via elicenser.

Since the recent Windows 10 update, i have been trying to reactivate my CubaseLE10 license but is continually down and won’t load.

Help Steinberg Mods

I cant get into Mysteinberg as well.
Does other people experience this ?

me too, the same problem as shown as the picture you attached.

Seems to be up running again no.

sorry for inconvenience

Seems like there’s a problem again?

I just downloaded a trial of Dorico and can’t activate it - error “A connection to the license server could not be established…”

Not very comforting that this can happen at times we I really need to get som work done :frowning:

Back over to Sibelius for now then…

I can log onto my steinberg but I get errors when trying to download the license or do the maintenance tasks

Looks like it’s happened again — Typo 3 error

I think its down again, just updated to 10.5 and lots of failed and im stuck between 10 and 10.5 i cant use either now… :confused:

I was trying to activate Dorico 3.5 trial just now.
Licence server is down.
Was thinking to try the app, Finale user since 1990. For now I can tell that Finale 26 is way better app because it is running. Dorico won’t run. Nice start.