Steinberg Licensing is now live

With today’s release of Dorico 4, we are pleased to announce that Steinberg Licensing is now live.

When you run Steinberg Download Assistant from today, you will find that it installs Steinberg Activation Manager automatically when it starts up. You don’t need to run Steinberg Activation Manager or indeed take any further action at this stage.

Similarly, when you sign in to our web site with your Steinberg ID, you will see a new page on which you can see information about your products that use Steinberg Licensing. Unless you have updated to or bought Dorico 4, you won’t see any of your products listed here.

If you are not yet using Dorico 4, in practical terms nothing changes for you today in how your Steinberg products are licensed, activated and used. If you want to read more about Steinberg Licensing, please read this introduction to the new system. You can find answers to any other question you may have in our comprehensive FAQs.

We are looking forward to the next milestone in our transition to using Steinberg Licensing for all of our products with the release of Cubase 12 later in 2022.