Steinberg Licensing Issues and Support Doesn't Care

I’m having issues with the new tool (Steinberg Licensing) that I never had before with the dongle…
All my licenses are gone and I have a useless DAW now, I have opened a ticket (7 days now) and nobody from support cares about…
I’d rather go back to dongle than use this activation manager.
Can I go back to Dongle? Please?
Sincerelly Frustrated!!!

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Maybe if you provide a few more details, someone here might be able to help you.

Are you getting any error messages? Is the Steinberg Activation Manager up to date?

Have you logged into your MySteinberg through the Steinberg Activation Manager yet? Does your MySteinberg account show a valid Nuendo 12 license when you click “Show Steinberg Licensing–based products”?

Hello @Romantique_Tp thanks for answer,
Here we go…
Nuendo 12 installation and activation all good, but I had some issues with the activation manager because it keeps saying that it was not activated, wtf!!!
Well, the activation manager is up to date.
And finally yes, it shows a valid Nuendo12 license, but I spent the last one and if I have any problem I will not be able to install again.
I have several PC’s here and I have to exchange some processors, motherboards and stick rams due to incompatility and I forgot to deactivate the license, but…who never forgot something like that before? this is completely normal.
I am now using the 3rd and last license, because the other two I just cannot access the pc anymore.
But the problem here is that nobody can reset our own licenses like we can do with many other developers.
That’s why for now I would like to go back to dongle…but I think it is not possible anymore.
And for the last, why is support taking so long to answer?
If we need to open a ticket for reseting my licenses as they say, they should be faster doign that I think.