Steinberg Licensing now available for Retrologue 2 and all Retrologue Expansions

I am very happy to announce that it is now possible for all Retrologue 2 and all Retrologue Expansions registered users to migrate their licenses to the new Steinberg Licensing. In the “Vouchers” section of your MySteinberg account, you will find soon a Download Access Code that will allow you to do so. This includes all registered licences for the following expansions: Dark Mass, The Void, Neon Drifts, Imaginear, Vintage Classics, Analog House, Sounds of Soul, Future Bass and Xphonika.

Please make sure you have installed version Retrologue 2. 3.0. Vouchers for Retrologue 2 will only appear in your account if you purchased it separately. Cubase 12 users have Retrologue 2 already covered by their license - so there is no action needed.

Here is also a help article on the migration process for products to Steinberg Licensing.