Steinberg licensing question

Hello, I have an activation for Cubase 10le but in the download assistan at the My Products Download section has Cubase LE 11 available for download. I already installed 10, if i download 11 will i be able to use it as a valid copy?

Did you already used it before?
If yes, you need to reactivate your license, if not, you should be able to use Cubase 12LE.

Try to use the code in the Steinberg Download Assistant.
Be aware that there is a problem with the servers today.

I quess you meant to say Cubase LE 11 and not 12 :wink:
I 'll give ot a try tho, and i will post my experience !

No. I mean C12. Just try it.

Now i get the message “No Licenses Found” in the SAM even thou i have activated me cubase le 10!

No luck with Cubase le 12! no license.

The initial question was, did you already used your Activation code?
If yes, you need to reactivate the license. This is done in My Steinberg account.

Cubase 10 isn’t using the SAM. It still needs the elicenser. This will not change for legacy versions.

Please run the eLicenser Control Center to check which license you have. It’s the license that determines which versions of Cubase you can run.

The Steinberg Activation Manager is only used by Cubase 12 or later.

I have reactivated my cubase through the elicenser with a new activation key.
But i noticed at the steinberg download assistant at the “My Product Downloads” drop down menu there is a Cubase 11 le option and that was a bit confusing for me.
My license is only for Cubase le 10, why there is an option like this ?

I did, i used elicenser at the first place. My license is only for Cubase le 10. The confusion i got was because of the option at the Download assistant (My products download–> Cubase LE 11)
That’s about it.