Steinberg licensing: redundant license duplicate

I own a single license for Groove Agent’s expansion Rock and Roll Essentials. However, Steinberg Activation Manager (as well as MySteinberg) shows two instances of that license, one of them stuck in the state of “Verification Pending Expired”:


It looks like something must have gone awry during the license upgrade months ago and some data got corrupted in the Steinberg licensing database as a result.

Can someone from Steinberg get in touch with me and resolve this licensing issue?

When I had a licensing issue, I registered a support request through MySteinberg. It did take them a while to respond, it once they did, they were able to resolve the issue.

My support link takes me to Steinberg distributors. I purchased the license directly from Steinberg, not via a distributor. Steinberg staff seem to visit the forum. Hopefully, they’ll take note of this thread.