Steinberg Licensing

Hello all. I wanted to also voice my request with the new licensing system imminent. I have also been a very happy e-licenser customer and have had very few issues over the years with the system. I also have a preference for having a physical key to retain my licenses on so I can simply plug it in and the program is authorized regardless of where I am or my status of connected/not-connected to the internet. It is nice to have the piece of mind knowing that if the servers were to blow up tomorrow I can still do the work I need to do (I know a rather unrealistic expectation.
So I wanted to ask if in future development, an opt-in system could be setup where we can use something like an iLok system or some other physical USB key version of the licensing. I know it isn’t really just up to the Dorico team, but I know at least a few of us would prefer to stay on an updated physical key system. With e-licenser going away.

Read the penultimate entry of this from Daniel

At the moment we have no plans for the new Steinberg Licensing system to have any kind of hardware key component, neither iLok nor any kind of generic removable USB drive. The chances of us employing iLok are effectively zero, and the chances of implementing some kind of USB drive solution greater than zero, but not much greater than zero, at least not as things stand today.

Please give the new system a chance. It would be a disaster for Steinberg as well as for our customers if it was the case that our paying customers were unable to use the software they have paid for. We will do everything in our power to ensure that this is not the case.

Because there’s not a great deal more to add on this subject for the time being, until such time as we have any further announcements to make, I’m going to close this thread, but thank you for taking the time to share your feedback and your desire to continue using a hardware key.