Steinberg MCU protocol implementation is not good


I recently bough an SSL Nucleus controller (Ethernet and USB connected).
This product uses either HUI or MCU protocols ensuring compatibility with all leading DAW applications including Cubase/Nuendo and can transmit MIDI CC data.
Everything works fine, the only problem is that the MCU protocol implemented by Steinberg won’t open plug-in windows or display SEND settings (using the PLUG-IN or SEND soft-key on the Nucleus).

The behaviour I am experiencing, with regards to opening the plug-in GUI and displaying SEND parameters, is down to how Steinberg implement the MCU protocol. Or in other words, it’s not that there are commands that SSL could use, they are not there in the first place. So really the way forward would be to request from Steinberg that they provide a way, within the MCU protocol, to open plug-in windows. And with regards to the SEND settings, they are not displayed because Cubase does not send them… This DOES WORK in other DAW’s like Logic or Pro-Tools.

Please Steinberg…find a way to do this.
Thank you.