steinberg MI2 help

hi guys, i need some help with my MI2 hardware, ive recently aquired the MI2 hardware from a local flea market and ive searched and searched for the software to go with it. not the cubase software, but the hardwares control panes software.

can someone point me in the right direction please??

just so you know however, the links in the downloads section for the system 2 hardware, dont work :frowning:

quick update, as it turnes out the links on the site “are” working, the issue was is my mobile phone wouldnt allow the download.

soooo… i now have the Mi2 control panel… however, can someone please tell me how the inputs are setup as stereo? thanks.

it seems as if i can only have one stereo input or 2wo mono… is this how its supposed to be? or am i missing something?