Steinberg Model C

Hello there!!! I’ll be getting my copy of Cubase Elements 7 probably by Monday, and was wondering if the Model C organ is included in the version of Halion Sonic - which I think is Halion Sonic SE 2 - that ships with Cubase Elements 7? This certainly won’t be a deal breaker for me, but will kinda be una duele en el ano, because I really dig using the drawbars!!! If the Model C isn’t included, any organs you guys know of that allow use of drawbars (preferably cheap or free) would be great!!!

Thanks for the help!!

Model C is a part of Library of HALion Sonic 2 not SE2.

Martinic Combo series

I just tried Model C and it isn’t very convincing to my ears.

Give GSi VB3 a try. probably one of the best and not expensive.