Steinberg mono to stereo plug in not working


I wonder if you guys can help me ,it looks like mono to stereo plug in is not working or maybe is not working only for me
I’m using Cubase Pro 9.5 with the latest update .40
I’m trying to convert mono track to stereo
After I create mono bus in and mono bus out I recorded short guitar track all went ok but when I try to applied mono to stereo plug in - nothing is happening my guitar track didn’t get converted to stereo I’m not sure but I think this was working before latest update ,Is this a new bug or I’m doing something wrong? Could you please help me


As I read description in manual - it is used on stereo track that is fed from mono source, so both channels are equal.
So do it on stereo bus.

In channel setting dialog you can see how various channels are routed through plugins, and also change that routing.

Thank you very much for your help - yes indeed it works on stereo bus
Thanks again -Peter