Steinberg MR 816 CSX Under MacOS Sierra

Dear all

I have installed MacOS Sierra version 10.12. Now within the control panel/sound, the Steinberg is no longer there. It is no longer an option.
No audio = bummer.

I have downloaded and installed the TOOLS_for_MR_V177_Mac a few times and get the same result.
Also, If I try to open the Steinberg FW Control panel, I get a “Failed to open control Panel” message.
This is a major bother.


Kind Regards


Mac Pro 3GHz 8 Core Intel E5 (2015)
32Gb Ram
AMD Fire pro D700 6144 MB

Here is your sign

Word to the wise, NEVER upgrade your OS BEFORE checking that ALL Drivers/Plugins are compatible

Home you have Time Machine and your old OS backup

Well, Lesson learnt.