Steinberg MR 816X Headphones No Sound


I can’t seem to get any sound out of the headphones from Steinberg MR816X for monitoring. Here is my setup:

Windows 8/32 bit OS/using the latest released drivers and installed the MR editor software as well.

I loved the sound I heard from the converters and preamp but need to stick to my current host(s). While the playback with the new drivers seems fine, I cannot get a sound out of the headphone output. I searched the previous threads and am unable to determine what is going on or what I need to do.

I have done the following in both of the different DAWS I have used: 1) enabled ASIO device Yamaha Steinberg FW Asio 2) keep MR816 Clock source as default 3) Enabled ASIO In/OUt 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 4) Master Output set to yamaha FW Asio 1+2 on the master channel in my DAWS

I also fiddled with the MHR editor and this seems no different than the settings I have enabled. In the Setup Menu:

World Clock Master: MR816X
Clock Source Internal:
Sample Rate 44.1
Buffer Size 256

WDM Routing:
Analog In 1/2
Analog Out 1/2

Digital I/O External Fx
ADAT (1-6) + S/PDIF (coax)

Master Level Meter On

Above the DAW Icon it says 1-2, The OUT is highlighted and says Out 1-2

I troubleshooted a few other things: my headphones work on other systems, all my other interfaces/soundcards work with these settings, I tried several different firewire cables, I checked the manual and it looks like I can just use a mono input with a standard 1/4 jack on the headphones

I suspect that I just don’t know how to set this up but am starting to wonder if this is a hardware problem. I can’t return the unit. But i just want to get this to work.

Am I not using this MR Editor right or something? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Have you given the headphone outputs some gain?
either within MR editor via the headphone knobs to the right of the master output or via the 816 itself using the rotary knobs while assign is set to phones? Or indeed within Cubase

In the MR editor, check for which output the respective headphone icons are highlighted. I.e. you may have other channels (than 1/2) routed to the headphones.

Thanks BA and Elektrobolt. I really do appreciate your suggestions. Tried both. Nothing is working. I wonder if my unit might be finicky. Or maybe this stock firewire card just sucks and its that. But I’m giving up on this firewire unit. After reading many posts, I’m concluding that there are some QC issues (I am def not the only one having these issues) for the MR series but they are fantastic units for those that can get them to work.

The truth is I am in love with those preamps and converters and the REV-X reverb is one of the best digital reverbs that isn’t sampled that I’ve heard. On a whim, I decided to downgrade to the UR28m. Do you think I’m crazy? I don’t need as many inputs right now but it sounds like I’ll be sacrificing converter quality for stability. Maybe someone can confirm but I have my doubts that the UR28M converters are going to be up to par from the Steinberg MR816.