Steinberg MR-816X Repair - No Reply From Steinberg

Ok, so it’s now three days since I emailed Steinberg rma support asking for details as to where to get my damaged MR-816x repaired, and absolutely no reply or acknowledgement of my email. I can understand Technical Support can get very backed up (I used to work for the UK distributer of another DAW product), but not to even have an automated response to emails along the lines of ‘Thankyou for your query. Our technical support team will get back to you in due course’ is very poor.

Lucky fenderchris wrote this in another post:

‘I had a fault with one of my MR’s some time ago and had to send it back to Steinberg in Hamburg for repair. They fixed it and returned it in few days - great service.’

It would be great if I could even get a reply…let alone any service!
You’ve got to wonder.

Venting annoyance at REALLY poor customer service. :angry:

Sorry you are having a hard time.

What specific email address did you email your request to?

Also, what specific country are you currently located and registered in?