Steinberg MR816 and Cubase 6.07 on Lenovo L510 Issues

I can’t get my MR816 to work at all with Cubase 6 and Windows 7 (audio was full of glitches) and
Windows 8 (current os) does not work at all!!! Specifically, it takes ages to select routing in audio tracks, then when a recording is done, the waveforms disappear from the screen. Often, the driver cant be selected

The computer is a Core 2 Duo 2.10gb, has 8gb ram, and im using a good Startech Firewire Expressport card.

Is it possible that my computer (Lenovo L510) is crap? Latency Mon gives poor results, no matter what I do (adjusting acpi settings, disabling wifi, diabling win 8 endpoint protection - which is responsible for heaps of pagefaults)

I bought the soundcard specifically to be able to record in a mobile location. Can anyone confirm if it works with their Lenovo laptop?

At this stage i’m trying to establish if it is a Win 8 / Cubase 6 / Mr 816 Problem, or if it is a Lenovo L510 - MR816 problem