Steinberg Museum website (sorry, but ...)

I believe there was so much work and effort spent by web designers into making , unfortunately i couldn’t stand trying to navigate/browse that flash website for more than 3 minutes and closed the page. :cry:

That FLASH … just ruins the very interesting “true content and information” that Museum website has, and it is a shame.

Yeah, I love Flash, but that site is a navigational embarrassment. Like placing a green elephant in the hallway because in India elephants are really a great companion to humans … :unamused:

The navigational concept just doesn’t work. It has to be transparent and add to the experience, or else the visitors will just get web fatigue. Modern internetians have a very short attention span.

I should point out that the stuff inside the Museum is a lot of fun, especially the interview snippets with Charlie & Manfred! :sunglasses:

I actually like the museum design. Doesn’t look like anything else.

yeahl, looks ok, but the navigation you have to physically wrestle with to get around is just … too much?

Agreed. It’s real turn off. First rule of design IMO is ‘form follows function’ and not vice versa

Aw. I think you guys are being a bit mean. :frowning:
I’d agree if it were a reference site for fast access to important information but this is just a bit of fun for casual browsing. And like so many old museums it’s housed in an arcane labrynth of corridors and levels with surprising half-hidden rooms just waiting to be stumbled upon - but equally quite happy if they’re not.

It doesn’t surprise me – overall is a bit of navigational zoo… IMO. For example, the tool for reassigning a license is buried deep within the site, actually in the knowledge base… where nobody will find it.

The museum is kind a cute but I agree that form should follow function at least nominally and this design is just a bit too arbitrary

L like much of the content in the museum but agree that navigating through it is a dealbreaker.

I had some fun with some of the stuff I found in the “museum”, but to be quite honest, I’d prefer if Steinberg had devoted the resources to bug fixes.

I agree, It’s just a bit of fun, to be browsed when having a smoke and a pancake :smiley:

Now… if they could make the knowledge base more friendly that would be a step forward.

… thus explaining your sig "

". Is that a typo in your name? :laughing:

Yeah but it’s not fun. That’s the point, it should be fun. :slight_smile:

yeah, it’s a bit like a cross between a cupboard with lots of drawers, the kids card game Memory and picking your nose with a sharp and pointy tool. :mrgreen:

But it’'s also kinda fun and original for a while, so we have to give them that?

What happened to the years after 1998, though? That’s more interesting than the mid 90ies?