..... neeed ..... moooore .... hamsters

Wow, C6 is bringing the pain to the new site.

We’re already trying to find some…

hehehehe, congratz on the launch.

Yes, congrats I think it is a very solid feature rich update.
Why does everyone try to find faults with it?

Yes some very nice additions indeed. If it’s as stable as the 5.0 release was for me I’ll be happy and it will only get better from there. :sunglasses:

As far as people griping I nothing is beyond scrutiny but no matter what some people aren’t happy and they have to make up grand conspiracies to occupy their time. The internet gives them the courage and anonymity to do that.


Yup same from me. Just looking through some of the new Features.

So true

And it’s only $150 for the upgrade from Cubase 4 or 5. I’m glad I didn’t upgrade to 5. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I bought studio so it didn’t bother me cause it was a steal anyway.

I can understand why Cubase Artist 6 is a new product, because many features that were in studio are not in the later (defacto) version.