page not loading - Cubase: Your guide to music production

This link has been broken for some time:

I just clicked on the link and the download started, @Phillipus

@Ed_Doll See also Steinberg Activation Manager download from website failed

I think the link should be changed to

Clearing cache does not do anything. Works only in Private mode. How to fix it in normal browser in chrome?

Worked for me. Embarrassingly using Edge on Win 11.

had the white blank page too, cleaning cache with ccleaner software solved the problem (win 10+chrome)

On mobile the pages are either white or black, we just can’t browse the Steinberg website anymore, although there’s no problem on desktop.

@Louis_R specify browser and OS to complete your report/post. This isn’t an issue for all users.

I am on iOS / Safari.

Also sometimes when loading a page, we can see the actual content for something like half a second or less, then it turns blank like if there was an overlay or pop-up that did not load properly.

Maybe this has to do with @Jonas_Baumbach post :


Looks like it’s working now. :grin:
Thanks for the quick fix.