Steinberg never sent me an activation key for Wavelab LE 11

As you can see here, the product in question shows as registered as per download assistant

However…Steinberg never sent me activation codes for WL LE 11. I looked at the eLicensers several times, checked my email…The upgrade to Cubase LE 12 is in there and all the upgrades from all Wavelab LE versions up to 10 (which is in my current eLicenser) show up but nothing about 11. Since I wasn’t using the software for a while, I didn’t look further into the issue, but now I intent to. What to do in this case?


Check out support…

regards S-EH

Already tried both options. The licensing activator can’t check for grace periods because WL 11 LE is an eLicenser product when it was released and, as Steinberg never sent me an activation code for it (which they should, as the LE versions of their software are only sold with hardware), I don’t have the license on my eLicenser, which means I can’t upgrade to the licensing manager version for it. Looking through my forum messages, I had the exact same issue upgrading from WL 9 LE to 10 and had to be PMed a download access code.

I did take a look at that and none of the options available allow me to speak directly to Steinberg. This is not an issue that a local distributor can solve and that seems to be the only contact line option I have.

Have you contacted your local distributor yet though? They’ll get in touch with Steinberg on your behalf if they’re unable to assist you.

Your post is a bit unclear about a few things. Are you able to use Wavelab LE 11 currently? Do you see a Wavelab LE 11 license when you run the Steinberg Activation Manager?

Wavelab LE 11 only shows up in the eLicenser because only version 12 is an Activation Manager product, much like version 12 of Cubase and version 4 of Dorico.

While I could try a local distributor, I doubt they’d even contact Steinberg in my behalf, but rather tell me to contact Steinberg directly, which is impossible.

And after sending the email to my local distributor about the issue, the only thing I got back from them was a customer satisfaction survey. And sadly, that didn’t contain access keys to Wavelab LE 12. I checked.