Steinberg not answering tickets about re-activation and will not help me

Hi all,

A few years back I bought Cubase 10/11 and subsequently paid for the upgrade to Cubase 12.

Version 10 and 11 I still need to use on my old MacBook Pro running High Sierra, for hardware reasons, as the hardware manufacturer (Allen & Heath) discontinued compatibility for later versions of macOS.

I successfully started using version 12 on my new MacBook Pro. on this machine but now it is stating version 12 is not activated. I cannot seem to reactivate this product, which I had paid for.

Version 10/11 uses the USB dongle. Version 12 does not.

I need to keep keeping the older versions with the USB dongle and was assured at the time of purchasing version 12 that I could use this on my newer machine whilst not affecting my old set up (this was my question at the time -

How can I reactivate my version 12? I thought the whole point of the newer versions was to sign in using my Steinburg account as authorisation.

Steinburg will not answer my tickets (for 2 weeks now), will not help me will not give me any information and so I feel completely ripped off.

How can I get version 12 working on my new machin?. I have paid for this software - why am I not allowed to use it?

I have had significant problems with Steinburg over the years and at this point I am more than likely going to move over to Logic because of this terrible service.

Cubase is not the only software I have paid to use, I also purchased Wavelab and Halion version 6 at the time, so I feel that despite this significant outlay, I am not a valued customer.

If anybody can help with any advice it would be very much appreciated.

That is correct, you just need to start the Activation Manager on your machine, login to your account and press the Activate button.

So what does your Activation Manager show?

That is still correct. You can run Cubase 11 and earlier on the same machine as Cubase 12 or 13. For the older releases keep the USB dongle connected, for release 12 and newer you need to start the Activation Manager.


You can use one license (based on the new Steinberg licensing system; i.e. Cubase 12 for example) on up to 3 computers (seats). You don’t have to “Reactivate”. Once you reach the 3-computer limit, you can remove any computer from the system and activate another one.

Exactly this is all, you need to do. Start Activation Manager and Sign In. Then start Cubase. Cubase becomes activated automatically on the given computer if seats are still available.

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Hi Keith,
Apologies as I cannot advise you. What I can do, however is agree about the level of support that Steinberg provides. I have been trying to get them to acknowledge and hopefully fix an issue with the MIDI remote for more than 2 years now, trying this forum, and the ‘official support’ channels. I have yet to hear from them.
Good luck!

so since you have had Cubase 12 running already, is your computer connected to the internet?


You can use Cubase 12 offline license too.

Thank you all so much.

The machine is connected to the Internet and these are the results of me attempting to activate again:

I can’t see any way of re-activating it. Even navigating to the site seems to just send me round in circles. I don’t understand how a full Pro version that was paid for can expire haha!?

I must be missing something sorry, any further thoughts are very much appreciated :slight_smile:

I think the problem is that your usb elicenser is not installed to your new PC so it cannot verify you have the Pro11 license to update.

See here:


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Thanks Grim,

The only step further I have got is seeing this:

Is it maybe due to the machine having been restored from a previous one do you think? If so, can I. generate a new e-Licence number for this machine?

Your C12 license is on USB elicenser…soft elicenser probably has nothing to do with it.
Install elicenser software and connect the usb elicenser to this PC.

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Hi @KeithAC1 ,

I sent you a Private Mesage.

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