Steinberg not replying to emails?

Hey guys,

I’ve been trying unsuccessfully for over a week to contact Steinberg regarding a lost License… I cant seem to get through over the phones and none of emails have been replied to for over a week, Im posting here in the hope someone could help me or possibly someone form Steinberg see’s this?



Did you submit a support request or just send an e-mail? A support request is the “official” way to get support, though, it may depend on where you are.

Iv done both, at first I sent a email with the printed out, filled in an scanned lost/stolen form as per steinberg procedures which was 9 days ago, and then I filled a support ticket 4 days ago…

I have 4 support tickets from past 5 years. None of them answered

If you registered the license, use ZDT or Reactivation, if you didn’t register it, there is probably nothing support can do anyway.

Yeah I’ve used the zero down time feature… I’m quickly running out of time with it though… This whole things been a total nightmare… Do steinberg staff every frequent these forums? I never thought there would be an issue like this with a huge company like steinberg…

I’m seriously concerned about the future of Steinberg under Yamaha. I got burnt by Voyetra (Turtle Beach Pinnacle, Digital Orchestrator Pro), Yamaha (DB50XG), Roland (RS-70), then Gibson totally destroyed Sonar. Steinberg support in Australia seems to be non-existent. I’m not going to upgrade to Elements 10.5 with all the current issues, and I’m not going to upgrade to Pro given the issues, particular with the dongle, and that it could take many weeks for a dongle to arrive. Looks like I will have to do everything three times, in Elements 10, REAPER and Cakewalk by Bandlab in the hope that one of them will continue to be available in the future. Or maybe I should stick to Anvil Studio. As per P.G. Wodehouse, I’m very far from being gruntled.

wich Country?

Its sorted out now, got a new activation code sent and everything seems fine now…now I can get back to making music! Thanks everyone for their help

Hey mate. I am in OZ too and I’m a long term Reaper user but recently upgraded my old Cubase 6 LE AI through to 10.5 Elements (it was only about $50). The software has been great so far and Support do respond to service tickets. Due to it still being on (unsupported) Windows 7 I have had minor hardware integration issues with my Steinberg UR824 interface that I am still rectifying but other than that the software is very nice to use especially for MIDI. Cubase has been around for about 30 years --and it’s the 2nd most used DAW after Pro Tools. I don’t think it will just disappear in a hurry.

G’Day Cobber, I’m glad Cubase is working out for you. Yeah, Cakewalk was around for about 30 years as well. It was a shock to all users when Gibson killed it! I’m not convinced Yamaha won’t do the same to Cubase. It will be interesting to see what comes along in version 11.

Sonar is resurrected as Cakewalk by Bandlab and is free, but it is still quite a bit behind the times.

There are lots of things I like about Cubase Elements, especially being able to write patch scripts to access the patches in my external gear in groups that make sense musically, instead of being forced to use the 20th century concept of “banks” (Which bank? They are all bar stewards). It is stable for me in Win 10 now I went back to an older Intel machine. I couldn’t get it working on the newer AMD machine.

Elements doesn’t have an event viewer/editor, which I miss, and it can’t record Sysex messages, which limits its usefulness to me. As a hobbyist who doesn’t get to spend much time inDAWs these days, I can’t justify the cost of upgrading to Pro, and the dongle scares me off anyway. Also the fact the EVERYTHING has to be on C: is a PITA when you have a small SSD for C: and you can’t offload stuff to the empty 2Tb D:


I have the main Cubase files, samples, VSTi, etc. all on different hard drives. As far as I know, there’s only some preference files and what not on my C drive that I wasn’t able to customize the installation path for.

I have about 600 MB of Steinberg/Cubase data on my C drive program files. Meanwhile, on another drive I have nearly 100 GB of Steinberg/Cubase related data/sound libraries.

I am having the same problem. I bought Cubase last summer and never used it and now that I started using it it says I don’t have any licenses and I realised I didn’t receive any activation code. I sent a request 15 days ago and they haven’t replied yet. I even sent an email but nothing.
What did you do at the end?
I don’t kow what I can do. I would get a refund if I could and not be so stressed and annoyed at something that is MY RIGHT as a customer!

You certainly received an activation code, but maybe you can’t find it.

Anyway, Steinberg Shop support is what you need. Check out their website to find the page.

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