Steinberg now says "Old lanes style" to return (as option)

Didn’t see this communicated here yet. For those of us who use the Lanes/Comping feature regularly, it’s important news.

This message from Thorsten Marx, Steinberg Product Planning Manager was recently posted (on the Nuendo forum):

Lanes concept: We understood that the “old” lanes style had some advantages too (once you got used to it). > We will introduce changes that will allow for both working styles in an update soon> .

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Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

Complete thread here:


I see that his statement was posted in November!
Thanks for this info…

YES YES YES YES the new lanes behavour drives me crazy (sometimes)…

Great if true

Hopefully we’ll be able to select lanes type per track (like the lanes fixed/auto button in previous versions).

Er… Yipee !!

Sweet, It’ll be nice to use lanes on non-drum tracks again. Now, if they would add comp lists, that would rock.

Oh, I hadn’t noticed that. It’s two months old? There have been several threads here (on the Cubase forum) about Lanes/Comping since then (with the inevitable lament for the “old lanes style”). It would have been helpful for Steinberg to mention their future plans regarding lanes over here as well. Communication is key.

Actually, I suppose we’re assuming C6 will receive this lanes/comping feature update, and not just Nuendo. That seems to be the way it’s worked in the past - in fact, typically Cubase gets these sorts of feature updates first. And what’s the timeframe for this update? NAMM starts in a few days - perhaps we’'l get it it then?

Steinberg, please enlighten us to your plans. We’re all so very curious, and you can help us prepare for our own upcoming projects with the proper expectations.


With good features associated with each method (old and new), hopefully the outcome will be something along the lines of a single lanes style, but with the ability to individually toggle on and off certain features (e.g., automatic cutting of all lanes at the same place; maybe add a toggle that an overdub can “adopt” the cut location of the lane above it).

There’s room for creative flexibility here … hopefully it’s presented as more than a simple binary “either/or” for new vs. old.

So the question for Steinberg is… When can we expect this update?

That would be ideal.
It could end up as a preference though…

Preference or track setting? Whichever, I’d like it to have a Short-cut Key Command please! But it is fantastic news though.


OMG I got my self in a situation with the new comping. I have a big project (over 30 hours of dialog lots of takes and edits) and we’ve been going back to sections and fixing lines but I unknowingly changed some of the take structures. :astonished: I don’t have the time right now to sit down and figure out what I’m doing wrong so I’m using C5 for the rest of the project :slight_smile:

Please Please Steinberg

Can’t wait for the new “old lane” feature :smiley:
Thank you Steinberg for listening to us !

Yes, thank you!!

And we’ll all get used to the new style just in time for them to re-introduce the old style no-one will use any more. :mrgreen:

I genuinely can’t remember how the old style was… can someone please remind me?

I will :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

There’s an article on the new lanes style in Sound on Sound february issue. Might not help everyone concerned but it looks handy.
I don’t know if you can view it direct without an “e-sub” (electronic subscription) straight away but I’ll see if any extracts are available anywhere if I don’t get arrested for infringing copyright.
Usually the articles can be viewed generally some time after publication month.

I would be interested in reading that :slight_smile: