Steinberg Nuendo preset and content libraries repeated

Hi all,

I am going through my laptop’s drive to get rid of some unneeded apps and stuff. On a 2019 Macbook Pro with a system drive of only 512GB.

I notice the Steinberg presets and contents folder is repeated, once in my main Library/Application Support folder, and again in my Username/ Library / Application Support.

Are both needed? Or can I get away with removing one of these? If I can get rid of one, which should I keep? Each one is a whopping 41 GB in size, so it would be nice to only have one install of this.


Are the files duplicates of the other folder’s contents?

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I am almost sure they are but need to see if it saves my own presets in one of them.

That should be content and factory presets only. Are the folders the exact same size?

Filter out factory content in Mediabay to see what user stuff there is, and to see where it’s located.

Hi Steve,

They are different in size after all… I must have been seeing the same folder.