Steinberg, offer upgrade path from Cubase

Please offer upgrade path to H4 from Cubase 5 or 6. Please this will make the platform even more popular, and help to get Halion into many more users computer workflows.

Also offer upgrade path to the Yamaha plugin’s.

IMHO it’s too ‘cheap’ to have all SB plugins and VST offer only for full price after already being a good SB customer.


Upgrade path for Cubase 6 customers already exists.

Halion Sonic Demo comes with Cubase 6.
Fully activate it - $199
Upgrade to Halion 4 - $99

$50 cheaper than buying Halion 4 at full retail ($350).

How about Halion 4 users to Cubase?

Doesn’t exist (that I know of).

When you think of it, Halion 4 is somewhat like an add-on to Cubase users.
Cubase isn’t an add-on to Halion 4, however.

Also: The upgrade path from Cubase 6 for Halion 4 isn’t advertised. You have to do the math and work yourself.