Steinberg Online Shop Account


I’m trying to buy ‘‘Absolute 5’’. But impossible. I have a problem with Steinberg Online Shop loging. I have ‘‘My Steinberg account’’. I don’t understend how to create Steinberg Online Shop account? Please help me,

Steinberg Shop logins are entirely separate from My Steinberg logins. If you do not have a Steinberg Shop account, use the option to register for one when it is offered.

“Steinberg Online Shop” does not offer any option to become a member

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I ordered Cubase Element update. The basket is ok with the item. But when I try to log in, it failed. My old password (last used 2019) did not work. I then asked for a new password via “forgot password”. Received a mail with a reset password button. When clicking to reset my password I got back to my basket!? No where could I change my password. Something is vey faulty in the shop. How do I change my password if the link is faulty?

Try this direct link and see if it works better.

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Thank you for the link. Also helped me to find the place of my orders and where I could change the email address. Should be placed somewhere exposed as a PIN.

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