Steinberg Online Survey - Dear Steinberg

Please do NOT make Cubase into a Web-shop app… Please do NOT make our recording software into a fully fledged online store… PLEASE!!!

The nature of these questions didn’t exactly hide what actual plans Steiberg are working on IMO.

All I want is a lean mean recording and mixing machine

You have many areas you could improve immensly, starting with the mixer (being able to move tracks within the mixer is high on my list +++)

I agree with you.

However I think they need a way to highlight the additional vst’s and plugins they have available on their website which I don’t think gets alot of viewing like the yamaha vintage collection etc.

This will likely be developed by the same people behind VST Connect and VST Transit. You know, the people who specialize at this kind of stuff, not anyone with the technical knowledge to make it possible to move tracks in the mixer without breaking or corrupting a project. Cubase isn’t made by a single person.

Like VST Connect and VST Transit, this will most definitely be a separate plugin that wont change anything at all if you don’t use it.

Please stop panicking over nothing.

Agreed. Big no to stores and subscriptions.

The idea of having AI do all the dirty creative work is kinda neat though

What would be worse is a subscription based monthly fee to own/use Cubase. I’d go back to tape before I pay that!

what survey?

You write as if you’re certain - why?

Everything that’s able to connect to the internet in Cubase is a separate plugin, including the hub. It would make absolutely no sense to integrate this (a store and downloader) out of all things directly into Cubase.

I got a mail from Steinberg about the survey… some days ago.

I don’t mind the idea of a rent to purchase system where once you’ve paid off the amount you own the product

By the way, the survey is available on the website:

+1. I do not want a web shop app or rental either. And I need core functionality more than bells and whistles.


SB has said many times they will not go to a subscription payment model.

Totally agree. The state of music making today – what I call “the DAW cultures” – is that there’s little to no money available to hire talent. I’m fascinated by these cultures, but have only speculated about them in private. My speculations follow…

Some DAW operators are reclusive. If you think about starting a band, then you must think about finding people to be in it, finding rehearsal space, harmonizing your workflow and career objectives with the others in the band, the logistical overhead of playing gigs (if you can get them), what to do about expenses and revenues (if any), and on and on and on. It makes being a hermit look good in terms of time-saving alone. But then the hermit has to do all of these jobs that fellow band members would have done. Even if you can write and arrange all the music, then play and record all of the instrument and vocal tracks, then mix and master it, how do you share it with the world? Back to the band, I guess.

Another DAW sub-culture is rooted in production. From what I’ve gathered, there’s very money to be made in production because there’s little money coming into anyone’s pockets; with a few exceptions, mostly in the upper echelons of the commercial world. Those studios are exceptional in their personnel, equipment, and acoustics. Time pressure is always a factor.

No matter how you slice it, music creators are spread thin. The hermits are over-extended, the bands are distracted away from all things DAW, and the producers are hurried. Many would-be producers can’t gain experience in a paid apprenticeship. They wind up self-taught, struggling with whatever books, you-tubes, forums, and unpaid jobs they can find.

Consequently. a lot of badly produced music is inevitable. AI offers a bit of help. It could reduce rookie mistakes coming from the teeming hordes of rookies. (BTW, I count myself in one of those hordes.) For the decent producers, it could save time. I’m amazed at what iZotope has done with Neutron and Ozone. I’d say they’re on the right track to addressing these serious problems that are not going to go away.

Nobody is saying that AI is the ultimate answer. We’d all prefer to have golden ears. Maybe AI would inhibit the learning of that. I don’t know if that’s true for everyone. In any case, I think AI can only help.