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HI I have a few questions.
I have C9 pro in my studio desktop which is fully activate it’s all fine, and Cubase ai8 in my laptop it’s activated and working but when I look on steinberg my products page it shows that it’s not activated. Also it is shown twice Cubase ai8 on the list please see pic. I want Cubase ai8 to appear once other list and read as activated.
I would like to know the difference between Groove Agent SE 4 and the normal version. What are the main differences and how will I benefit with getting the SE version.

You would have to try and contact support for the first issue.

You already have Groove Agent SE version as it comes with Cubase Pro. Comparison of versions here:

Hi thanks for reply, I send my message to Steinberg support and that’s all okay.
please tell me one more thing, I saw a video on Youtube on there the guy could choose his own personal choice of features and colours options in C9 please see attached pic, I would like to know where are these options/settings for adding & removing are? I have been trying to find them but I cannot seem to.


Hurry up someone - Mr./Mrs. Sunny 7 is waiting… :unamused:

manuals are handing things.