Steinberg please add this really handy feature on Cubase 9!

Add hpf and lpf with variable slopes at least 6/12/18/24/48 on your eq.

I’ll upgrade if you are going to do that.


It already exist.
right click on LC knob and choose it.

There’s no 18dB/Oct, he’s not upgrading.

I have 7.5 and looks like there isn’t that feature.

Still an improvement.

Do you have those slopes even on a stand alone EQ plugin (not the one into the strip only)? I need flexibility.
p.s. yep, I’d like to have 18 slope too!
Another question please: It should be, can you confirm me that Cubases’s EQ is minimum phase please?

edit: and I’d like it to be visible, please! EQ are important, your eq sounds good. Please add a plug in with your EQ with “visible” hpf and lpf as a stand alone plug in. You’d make me save >100 bux and I’d upgrade :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:
and a manual that states if it is minimum phase or not.

Thank you!