Steinberg! Please DONT waste space.

This is of course my point of view, but I have the impression that the bottom zone is used by Steinberg for what you do not need

This sometimes results in a comic appearance, the chord panel becomes gigantic, the sampler editor could take 1/4 of the space in a normal window, etc.
In addition, by switching between the bottom zone tabs you have to change its height because the different tabs require a different size for the comfort of work
In my opinion again, Steinberg is heading to a dead end, inserting functionality not in the right place
Please, Steiberg, do not be revolutionary where it is not needed.
All you need to do is make the windows always on top (key editor, sampler editor, chord window - if it is created).

Give us the option of choosing who likes to work in the lower zone - please. Who prefers traditional windows - chooses a different option.
Let it be configurable by the user. :sunglasses:

in addition, differences in the size of the fonts Nuendo vs Cubase

UX and graphical design are not the strongest traits of the Steinberg’s development team, so don’t get your hopes up, son…
In fact, it gets quite entertaining to see, how the potentially great/useful features get implemented so ridiculously poorly from the perspective of the actual usability, but get marketed with a lot of excitement :smiley:
And somehow they manage to pull that off every year :laughing:

I stick with Cubase mainly because of how stable and efficient the underlying audio engine is - they are the fathers of ASIO/VST after all. But then other DAWs are getting better and better :slight_smile:

I think the wasted space is in gui. Too many lines around boxes etc

+1. And not only in the bottom zone, imo.


Steinberg love wasting space. The pointlessness to the extra edges curves to many of the buttons in the mixer show this. When I get chance I’ll add my gripes to this thread.


So true!!!


cubase project window mockup :wink:

Impressive.! All your ideas in this thread are great.

But, what screen size/resolution are you running at please…? So much real-estate… I can only dream of… :slight_smile:

But, what screen size/resolution are you running at please…? So much real-estate… I can only dream of… > :slight_smile:

4k on 40 inch monitor (best screen size for 4k resolution IMO, highly recommended :smiley: )

Yeah but ZONES and CHANNEL has no reason to be a separate tab in visibility, it could easily be handled in 1 tab. In the mixer, the buttons been divided up, box in a box, wastes space. The letters R,W etc in a button look off centre because of the curves of the box. The worst sin has to be when we open the Chanel Strip, whoever designed those headers with that thick outline needs a good slap, there’s no need for it and the gradient of curve, just NO!!!

In the mixer if they do away with the middle line separating the Blue buttons in inserts, sends etc, the button could be ever so slightly bigger, displaying more text. The button itself would show us the flow downwards so it’s not necessary. Keep the middle line separating the headers.

looks great!!! hopefully they’ll look into it!!

I hope they do a lot more than that.

Wow…! Thanks (sorry for embarrassingly long delay in coming back.!).