Steinberg please let us render midi instrument tracks directly to mono! 🙏

Just add this as an option in the render in place section. It will save me a lot of time! And maybe others too.


MIDI doesn’t render to audio so I’m guessing you mean Instrument Tracks?

When would you need to render to mono?
A possible workaround is to use Audio Export instead and select Mono Downmix or Split Channels.

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Yes thank you! The post has been edited

If you are on Pro you could set the Track to use the Combined Stereo Panner and put both the left & right sides in the center.

Yeah but my point is to render everything and disable the inst tracks in order to save cpu for mixing and big productions.

That is how Freezing Instrument Tracks actually functions.

And what if I have a bass and drums and I want it to be mono? Wouldn’t it be nice if there’ll be short and easy way to do that instead of rendering - converting - deleting channels - adjusting the db ?
I mean, its already there as a stereo so why not adding a mono feature?

Gonna re-up this then - with a pic.


Yeah but again, I need it in audio file to save cpu for mixing… Anyway… I guess this feature won’t be available in the near future.

And generally I prefer to work on audio files when I’m mixing.

The Combined Stereo Panner works on all Track types, including Audio. However you are aware that your subject line specifies “instrument tracks” right?

As far as saving CPU, I think you may be jumping through a bunch of hoops for not much of anything.