Steinberg , Please make a MR816CSX 2 Channel

I am hoping for a 2 channel or even a 4 channel version of the MR816CSX .
Is would be awsome for all the 1 man singer songwriters out there who don’t need multi channel inputs.
I am a poor man and the $1,000.00 keeps me from making the switch from my Motu mk3 .
Maybe a 2011 release ? …
any body else think this would be a great adition?
I know they have that 2 ch usb piece , but not with the cool Zero delay for Monitoring etc.

The move from the MOTU828MK3 would be a sideways move IMO and I think you would loose a lot on the monitoring end


  1. Zero Latency software= Better on the MOTU, hands down. CueMix kills the MR IMO, routing and function is better
  2. Drivers= Have been better on the MOTU as well, lots of drop out issues people are having with the MR
  3. I think paying $300 more for Compression and EQ on the MR is stupid, the MOTU has it there already
  4. Sound quality I would guess would be very close overall

*I had a MOTU828MKii BTW and moved to the MR816X as the 828MKii was cloudy soundwise IMO. Id be fine with the 828MK3

A two channel or 4 channel unit would be very cool but Im guessing the MR is about dead and a new box is coming