Steinberg Please Read this. Settings Import Wizard needed

I have been a Cubase user for 20 or more years. I think that Cubase is a Masterpiece of Coding and a fantastic tool. Extremely powerful.

But there is a problem that needs solving quickly:

It used to be that you could transfer between the last and the new version easily, it was a hour or so and you could move on from more or less where you finished off.

You can’t do this anymore. Everything is to complex. You simply cant remember everything

In your ‘old Cubase’ you might have plently of templates, preferences shortcuts, mixer settings, vst settings, custom synth sounds, media player settings, Windows presets, track presets, expression maps and I am sure there is a lot of stuff I forget.

If you open your new Cubase (twin install) then what? Wel;l some of it might still be there, but I bet the regular user does not know exactly what, so, what do you do?

You could copy across your old preferences and maybe other folders too, if you have the skill…


What about any new tweaks provided by the new Cubase - new templates for example?

You can loose all the updated tweaks.

We need a Import Settings WIzard, that can optionally transfer or add the tweaks you had in your old set up to your new, without deleting things unnecessarily.

Otherwise you can be stuck mid projects, which is not very nice, especially when your projects involve lots of complex MIDI settings, presets, and so forth.

The whole issue needs a rethink, should there be just one location? Maybe this is too much to deliver, but even so…how could it be much easier to handle?

We need this QUICK!