Steinberg: PLEASE sort out Quick Controls!

Quick Controls are the reason I switched from Sonar to Cubase - I’ve invested in this platform, to a very large degree, simply to use them. It’s the only way a Euphonix / Avid Artist controller can control midi CC data - hence its importance.

I was disappointed to discover that the implementation was extremely poor, however. You cannot cut and paste Quick Controls from one track to another. You can’t even build a track template with Quick Controls included. The only way - so I thought - to paste them was to copy an entire track. Even that, I’ve just found, isn’t working correctly - all the names in the Quick Controls window are there, but there is no parameter associated with any of them when I interrogate. There’s no other way, it seems, than to do every single control for every single track manually, one by one.

And one final thing - the custom names you can put in are not passed on through the EuCon interface.

Please Mr and Mrs Steinberg - these flaws and bugs have been here for a year now. Please dedicate some resources to sorting this out. Right now, the moment a better solution for the Euphonix was available elsewhere, I’d jump ship again. This is really critical to my workflow, and at the moment setting up an orchestral template is hellish.

Instrument Track Presets with Quick controls mapped to controls of the VST are working just fine for me, I use it all the time, and controlling them from the MC Control also works just fine here.
The custom names do not get passed along to the MC Control window for me either.
What versions of Eucon are you using?
There is also a new Eucon adapter from Seinberg posted on Jan4, it was a Sticky in the Nuendo forum but not here, I don’t know why.

Oh my lord, thank you John. I just went through the whole track preset thing again, I think you need to select “Include Midi Channel”, which I can’t have done before - and there are the Quick Controls.

A definite step forward. Any way to do this to multiple tracks? Any way to Add a new name / midi channel / vst destination, or is it case of manually doing these things afterwards? Again, thanks for help so far.

As to the new EuCon adapter - no, according to the version history, they still haven’t fixed the Quick Control naming.

Just a bump for any more timesaving ideas for Quick Controls and building templates. If I have an existing track and “apply template” it doesn’t work. Only one track at a time, using track templates seems to work, which while better than manually adding each parameter one at at time, isn’t all that much quicker!