Steinberg, PLEASE update Cubendo clip gain....

… to be like this

or at least have an option to.

The pencil as it is now is horrific…I can’t think of another word for it… it doesn’t snap properly (if you want that), doesn’t show values… to do what I am doing at the start of that video is a nightmare…the only real workaround in cubase is to split clips but then create little fades on every clip.

the way PT does it, you never, ever have to split a clip and there are never pops or clicks from the gain changes. I know we can do this in automation but to have it as actual clip gain with visual results is the way to go.

This is actually one of the main reasons I won’t use Cubase more often and why I haven’t been able to make up my mind whether to crossgrade to Nuendo.

I work with a ton of audio as I am recording 88 inputs of external synths into audio most of the time, plus offline bounces of VI’s and stuff, plus vocals, guitar, loops, whatever… I tend to end up entirely in the audio domain. Oh, btw, Inline bounce could be improved in cubase too with drag and drop for VI’s like PT has (also in the video).

My first video ever made, so I stutter a little and make some errors so please forgive me for that, but it gets the point across clearly enough.

If nothing else, please improve clip gain… when I have a lot of variable audio that needs some levelling beyond what a compressor will sound good for, I save hours of work in PT just for this one feature. The thing is, I am not stupid, and I recognise that Cubendo are far, far superior DAWs overall vs PT. The midi is better, ARA2 support is amazing, Vari audio/chord track/extensive folders/super easy sidechain/unlimited PDC unlike PT 16K samples/auto align built in/elastique pro for realtime rather than avid in house stuff/full plugin and mixer undo/mixer with serious options and built in tape saturation/256 inputs rather than the 32 for core audio in PT (I have a work around for that to be able to use all the 88 but that’s another story and requires the use of multiple UA apollos - i can explain it in another topic if you like)/Control room/pre and post fader inserts/16 inserts vs 10/automation bezier curves/ integrated drum editor/midi FX plugins with arp and step sequencer/ and much more.

So why do I always gravitate to PT? believe it or not, mostly cause of the easy handling of my gain, AND, the GUI which is clean and neat…
Cubase is shiny, overly messy and funeral black now… This is when Cubase looked good:
I would do anything to have Cubase look exactly like that - earthy, easy colours that are inspiring, and no where near the clutter it has now. But that’s also another topic.

I agree on the features like clip gain and midi bounce, but I must say that I find PT very ugly and cluttered, also Cubase 10 looks way better than Cubase 5/6 imho.
So completely the opposite of your opinion. I am pretty sure people tend to prefer the look of programs they used a lot and are most familiar with.

I completely agree on the clip again improvements but, regarding inline/outline bouncing, currently I only have to press a key in my controller and it is done (I don’t see the point on creating first an audio track and then drag’n’drop the midi there, not much of an improvement in my view).

Hi, PT is the best looking DAW in the world to me (and also the neatest and least cluttered), but please understand I am not a long time PT user… the GUI was one of the reasons i DID go to it though… but that opinion was totally as an outsider.

Cubendo just too shiny now IMO. I can’t think of another way to put it. I can’t even seem to make the grid lines less intense in Cubase 10.5 demo but I hope I am doing something wrong.

Anyway, I did just buy Nuendo 10 crossgrade at the 40% discount, so, obviously I am willing to put time in to fully learn that… as even upgrading from my cubase 9.5 pro to Nuendo at the sale price was still $600 AUD. :slight_smile:

That’s almost as much as Cubase costs brand new for a first time user :laughing:

Therefore believe me I will get the most out of it… However… I do hope they at least improve clip gain.

Which controller?

That was one method,. I can right click on an insert plugin in pro tools and “commit up to this insert” or “freeze up to this insert”.

This RULES, and btw the freeze file displays both the midi and audio which is also very cool IMO.

PT commit just rocks in my opinion but if you are doing it in Cubendo with one click, please tell me the controller and stuff so I can look into it.

Logic is the worst one, but I suppose with Cubase I can set a key command via OSX’s own shortcuts to “render with last settings”, so yeah, its way better than Logic… But I just love the “up to this insert” part in PT…

I do that sometimes with freeze when I am using a plugin with lots of latency… by doing that, I can still mix and add any effects i want but suddenly the track is zero latency again :mrgreen: Just an example.

Sure. I use my CC121 for that. I have assigned two of its function keys to render in place: one of them renders the selected events with the last used settings, and the other one opens the preferences for render instead, in case I want to change something before doing the render. I use several external instruments and effects, so this really fits my workflow, and it’s quick an easy.

This comment, which I have already made several times, is very reasonable. You may have to have worked in PT to understand… In Cubase, either we create a volume automation (which can not even be displayed on the track, but which requires a secondary space…), and we do not see the waves change according to this automation; either you use the pencil to change the envelope, and then you can’t increase the volume, and the pencil starts at zero at the top of the track. If zero was in the vertical center of the track, and we could increase the sound as much as reduce it, that would be fine (actually it’s vital). It remains to display the volume data somewhere. The best for this is Logic, which displays them on the curve. I do not understand (but really not at all) as we leave to workarounds to adjust the volumes in detail. Mystery. This is one of the things that makes me sometimes go back to Pro Tools for mixing, although my Configuration of Cubase and shortcuts is so advanced that I usually prefer to stay with (and suffer on this detail).

March 2021, still waiting for a proper clip gain.

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