Steinberg plug in channel count sheet

Hi all,

I was bored… so I made this out of curiosity. Which Steinberg native plugins work with Atmos? How about 5.1? Which ones don’t?

Here you go:


This is very useful, thank you!

Thanks, @noeqplease !

Sidenote: We wouldn’t need such a list if Nuendo offered an easy way to create multi-mono (and ideally even multi-stereo)-instances of any plug-in.



I’ll be doing more plug in channel counts in the coming weeks… for third party plug ins that I own. Waves, for example, has tons of plugins, but very few do Surround or even Atmos.

In my test, I do use separate channels, a Mono (mono input and output), Stereo (ST in and out) etc. This way, the plugins are forced to look both at input and output count. When the routing icon is orange, it means the IO configuration is not necessarily supported.

If you notice, there were a few that I stated can do up to Quad, meaning they can handle up to 4 individual channels in and out of the plug in. I may have to check a few more plug ins, to ensure I do not miss if they can do less than 5.1, but more than Stereo. These ones that can do 4 channels, might be useful in Atmos, say to handle the height speakers with one plug in, or just a subset of 4 channels, according to your needs.