Steinberg Plug-in Issues

When I open a Steinberg plug-in, none of the visual elements load. If I mouse over them, some of them load but not all. Plug-ins from other developers all seem to be fine, but I have this issue with all of the Steinberg plugins.

Any troubleshooting help would be much appreciated!

Hi @Bradley_Sampson , something like that has - at least to my knowledge - never been reported here in the forum, so it is really weird. Could you please tell, what platform you are on and the specs of your computer? Especially your graphics card is of concern and what driver you have. Furthermore, is it the latest available driver for the graphics that you have installed?

This was reported with the initial release of Sonoma, but the 14.1 update fixed it.

Make sure you’re on the latest OS version, and the latest Dorico version.


Thanks, updating to 14.2 now!

Edit: Can confirm, fixed by upgrading my OS.