Steinberg plug-Ins in regards to the x64 version

I’m currently just using the x64 version of Wavelab Elements 7 on Win Vista
to see how stable it behaves (and haven’t seen an issue so far with it).

I was pleasantly surprised, that the x64 version also took over the configuration of the x86 version without problems - great ! No need to configure the program once again.

Regarding plug-ins - for 3th party plug-ins I almost only use plug-ins, which are available both in x86 and x64 versions,
so no problems here either.


there’s one thing which annoys me (just) a little bit…
With the x86 version of WL Elements 7 came the legacy plugins, of which I integrated some of them
into the program (Multiband Compressor, RoomWorks and UV22 HR), which I now can’t use with the
x64 version.

Also sadly my full licenced Cubase plug-in set doesn’t work in Wavelab.
(Well, they do something, but one can’t open the GUIs…)

my request now is, if it at least would be able to include the UV22 HR plugin to the Wavelab plug-in set ?

Any thoughts on this ?

Also any thoughts on actuall differences between the “intern” dithering and the “UV22 HR” dithering,
mean, is there really that much difference, which is audible ?
Any pros who’d like to comment on this topic - I wouldn’t mind to learn a thing or two…

Thanks and Cheers