Steinberg plug-ins in WL9.5 missing in WL10 (originally posted in WL11 forum by mistake)

I opened a WL9.5 montage in WL10 only to be told that 2 of the Steinberg plug-ins were not available (Compressor, StudioEQ). Upon further checking the majority of Steinberg plug-ins are missing when I check in WL10. They are not in the ignore list.
How do I get all the missing Steinberg plug-ins to be available in WL10 so I can open older montages?
Also, will this be a problem with WL11 if I purchase it?

Sorry PG you answered the post in the WL11 forum before I deleted it when I realised it was in the wrong forum. However, I installed the file you suggested, but the plug-ins are still missing from WL10


Then try to rescan the plugins.

That did the trick!
Many thanks for your very speedy reply.