Steinberg Plug-ins


Since a week or two I cannot load any of the Steinberg Plug-ins. When I try to load one as an insert, I can choose one from the list but when I click nothing happens.

I reinstalled Nuendo 5.5.6, tried the Nuendo 6 Trial. Every time the same problem.

I installed a some plugins lately, could there be a conflict with other plugins ? What’s the easiest way to check it ? Do I have to uninstall all my plugins and reinstall them one at a time ?

Anybody experienced the same thing ?

Setup :

Windows 7 Pro
Nuendo 5.5.6
Fireface UFX
Plugs : Sonnox, Iosono, Flux, Slate Digital, Nomad Factory

When you say Steinberg plugins do you mean both vst2 and vst3?