Steinberg plugins higher latency than third party

The standard limiter adds like 3 ms. The Reverence plugin is unusable for tracking. it adds like 10. Pitch correction adds a ton. Multiband compression adds a ton. I know some of these are inherently high latency no matter the vendor, but Waves has a realtime pitch correct. Native Instruments, softube, arturia, and waves compressors and limiters don’t add latency.

The list goes on. The plugins work fine for mixing, but if I want to track in real time, I have to use all third party plugins.

It’s weird to me that the proprietary Steinberg plugins are LESS usable than third party plugins.

7900x i9 cpu @4.4 ghz

Cubase Brickwall Limiter show 2.0 ms here, Standard Limiter 2.0 ms, Standard compressor in Live mode 0.0 ms Cubase MB compressor in Live mode 0.0 ms, Magneto 0.4 ms VST Amp rack 0.0 ms. De-Esser in live mode 0.0 ms. Reverence well, well known - there are 3 more reverbs though with no latency. All in all Plenty of plugins with latencies suitable for live tracking IMHO.